Collaborative Divorce Focuses on Your Future

In a litigated divorce the target is to get divorced. You can get divorced through out-of-court agreement or full trial in front of a judge.  Collaborative divorce focuses not just on splitting up your stuff but also on your life after divorce.  In the collaborative process the team will help you and your spouse reach an agreement that works towards reaching your goals.  The team will help you … [Read more...]

Six Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Control You have control instead of the attorneys or the court having control. While you each have an attorney, you and your spouse keep the responsibility for designing your property settlement and parenting rights. Support You and your spouse shape your settlement cooperatively while each benefiting from attorney advocacy as well as financial and parenting expert advice. You benefit from … [Read more...]

Collaborative Divorce in Bryan/College Station

Collaborative Divorce is a peaceful alternative to a standard litigated divorce. When you choose a collaborative divorce in Bryan or College Station, you don’t have to show up in court nor pay your attorney to sit in court for hearings or other proceedings. You have divorce options. Working with properly trained collaborative lawyers in College Station and Bryan is a faster way to get through … [Read more...]

This is different

Divorce in the collaborative divorce process is different from litigation. From the outset, a divorce in the litigation style is part of the court system. All the rules and procedures are established and created to work with the court. Most litigated divorce cases settle before the couple goes to court. However, in order to get to a settlement agreement, most couples have already gone well down … [Read more...]