Parenting After a Divorce

One of the many advantages of using the Collaborative Divorce process is that after the divorce, the divorcing parents are in a better position to be good parents to their children. Collaborative Divorce prioritizes the children. Oftentimes in a litigated divorce, the bloody battle has created an impossible situation for the parents to talk about the important issues in their children’s lives. … [Read more...]

The Grey Divorce

The divorce rate for those over the age of 50 has more than doubled in recent years. Now called “The Grey Divorce,” the after-50 divorce carries with it important considerations. The growth in the number of divorce cases for those over 50 has, like most divorces, a variety of causes. But the decision to divorce comes at a point in the marriage when children are no longer in the home. The challenge … [Read more...]

A New Brand of Divorce

In Texas when we talk about branding we could mean branding the cattle, or we could mean the understanding of a brand that has become synonymous with a product. It is an easy game to play. When you think of searching for something on the internet… you Google it. When you sneeze, you need a Kleenex. Or if you want a soft drink, you go get a Coke (even if you actually get a Dr. Pepper.) Brands … [Read more...]

5 Keys to a Divorce Done Differently

The tagline that the Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance uses, “Divorce Done Differently,” may at first raise some eyebrows. What does “done differently” mean? After all, everyone understands that divorce is an ugly time in the lives of the divorcing couple and their families. So what could be done to make it different? The simple truth is that divorce is a painful time and there is no … [Read more...]

The Holidays – A Marker for the End of a Marriage

The stress of the holidays can result in the realization that a marriage is over and that shortly after the New Year it will be time to file for a divorce.   The couple realizes that their life together is no longer sustainable and that they will both be happier next year if they are no longer married.  Unfortunately for many marriages that decision is not as calm as it may present itself in this … [Read more...]

Getting a Divorce Without Ruining the Holidays

As the winter holidays approach, divorced parents are often burdened with emotional and financial costs. These costs are about their struggles to agree on parenting rights and time with their children. The emotional costs are frequently unpredictable. The financial costs can be alarmingly high when they stem from modifications of child visitation schedules. The following post first appeared on … [Read more...]

Things to Do With Children in the Midst of Divorce and Things Not to Do With Children in the Midst of Divorce

There are things that you should do and not do with your children in the midst of divorce. Before you try anything, you'll want to try to put yourself in the shoes of your children, and try to see how it evolves from their perspective. Then you'll want to articulate the most important issues with them right away. By all means, the Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance (BVCDA) wants you to … [Read more...]

What’s in a Name?

Collaborative Law vs Collaborative Divorce Shakespeare raised the question in Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name?” Romeo and Juliet of course, is the tragedy of the two star- crossed lovers kept apart by their warring families. But what’s in the name when The Brazos Valley Collaborative Law Alliance changes its name to the Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance. It is seemingly a minor … [Read more...]

Hope in the Midst of Divorce

The Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance (BVCDA) brings hope in the midst of divorce.     For most people, divorce is a time of great anxiety and conflict; removing the conflict and lowering anxiety levels in divorce are the goals of the BVCDA.   In the collaborative divorce, your divorce case is removed from contentious courtrooms, but each of the parties are represented by their own … [Read more...]

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for Your Family?

Are you a Bryan/College Station resident who is considering whether the collaborative divorce process is the right way to go for you and your family? Does your family depend on you and your spouse to continue working together? If you answer is yes, then think about these points. Avoiding a bitter divorce will help you two work together in the future. This process protects your children … [Read more...]