Litigated vs. Collaborative Divorce: Differences in Cost and More

One of the biggest stress points of a potential divorce is its financial impact on the family. This concern does not stop with the split of financial and non-financial assets. The cost of the divorce itself can be a considerable burden. While I do not recommend opting into a DIY divorce (see 4 Reasons Why DIY Divorce Is Most Likely A Bad Idea), I do encourage clients to research their options and … [Read more...]

My Path to Collaborative Law: An Attorney’s Story

My path to collaborative law began in an unlikely place: a law firm that specialized in insurance defense. As a young attorney, I found myself being good at insurance litigation yet hating it. Lucky for me, one of the partners in that firm also practiced family law. Occasionally he would bring me in on his cases - where I discovered that I thrived on helping to solve challenging divorce puzzles. … [Read more...]

What Brought Me to Collaborative Practice: Attorney Insights

As Leo Tolstoy once said, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Having seen many divorces in my practice as an attorney, I can confirm that every split is caused by a unique set of circumstances. I often get asked why I choose to focus my family law practice on collaborative divorce. Three Reasons to Consider Collaborative Divorce There are three … [Read more...]

Divorce and Privacy: What Does the Public Get to Know About My Divorce?

FAQ: What does the public get to know about my divorce? For the clients who choose the collaborative divorce process, the answer is “Not much”. In my experience, this is one area where the collaborative process has the potential to offer considerably more privacy than a traditional litigation approach to divorce. Many of our clients have a high degree of concern for privacy. Whether you have a … [Read more...]

Key Factors In Choosing a Collaborative Divorce Attorney

FAQ: What should you play attention to when choosing a collaborative divorce attorney? There are stark differences between a traditional litigation approach to divorce that tends to be adversarial, and a collaborative approach. It takes a combination of the right training and temperament to be a good fit for the collaborative process. So, once you have decided on using the collaborative divorce … [Read more...]

A Recipe for Lower Divorce Cost

FAQ: How much will this divorce cost me? Ah, the key money question. From having been a part of over 100 collaborative divorce cases, I can share that the collaborative path can be more cost-effective than the traditional divorce litigation. The reasons for that are simple: the collaborative divorce process can allow the couple to avoid the expense of subpoenas and hearings. It can also eliminate … [Read more...]

Collaborative Divorce Attorney: What Your Spouse Needs to Know

FAQ: How do I tell my spouse about collaborative divorce? That is a great question. From experience, I can share that there is a simple component and a complex component to answering it. The simple part is outlining the factual benefits of a collaborative divorce process over the traditional one. Here is a short list to start. The collaborative process is focused on structuring a mutually … [Read more...]

What is the Best Way to Get a Divorce?

Divorce has no bests. Best is a word that implies that something is positive or good. And while ultimately both parties may emerge from a divorce in a better place, it is not without tears and pain in the course of the divorce process. But is there a better way to get a divorce? Can divorce be done differently from what most people think a divorce is going to be like? The answer is yes! Divorce … [Read more...]

3 Things to Remember about Adult Children and Your Divorce

Everyone thinks about the kids when they are getting a divorce. But what about the adult kids? The over-50 divorce in Texas has become more common in recent years. Sometimes it is dubbed the Grey Divorce, and the collaborative divorce process advocated by the Brazos Valley Collaborative Divorce Alliance is the preferred method for many older adults to manage their divorce. The couple's privacy is … [Read more...]

7 Benefits of Co-Parenting Following Divorce

One of the primary benefits of using the Collaborative Divorce model is that it puts kids first and encourages co-parenting. Even after the divorce is over, the reality is that the parents are still Mom and Dad. Important decisions will need to be made in the course of the children’s lives. The children will benefit from having both parents participate in those decisions. Children who have both … [Read more...]