“My spouse is crazy!” and other mental health allegations

In my years of practice as a family attorney, clients have expressed all kinds of frustration over their spouses’ decisions, behaviors, and habits. That is to be expected: after all, if Husband and Wife generally agreed on key matters like lifestyle, money management, and child rearing, there would be no need to get a divorce in the first place! Occasionally, their complaints and concerns go … [Read more...]

FAQ: My spouse and I get along just fine. Can’t we skip the co-parenting plan?

Not every divorce is an all-out brawl. In my practice, I have seen plenty of couples where Husband and Wife are able to put their differences aside, have civilized conversations about their separation, and show willingness to work together to create an outcome that everyone can live with. Can that be a recipe for disaster? Yes, if the couple decides to skip important steps in the divorce … [Read more...]

FAQ: Is there such as thing as “smooth sailing” when it comes to divorce?

A divorce process is never fun – but each couple’s experience lands in a different spot on the “pain scale”. Some divorces are relatively smooth and quick. Others seem to drag on, costing Husband and Wife a small fortune, and destroying what little goodwill and humanity is left in the relationship. If you are facing a divorce, you are probably wondering what you can do to minimize the damage, the … [Read more...]

Same-sex divorce: can a collaborative approach help?

As same-sex couples across the country rushed to courthouses to get officially married after the Supreme Court ruling in 2015, some of them are now discovering that untangling those marriages may be trickier than they thought. In a perfect world, marriage equality is matched by divorce equality. However, same-sex divorce is relatively new legal territory. Many couples are having a difficult time … [Read more...]

In Your Spouse’s Shoes: The Importance of Empathy in a Divorce

What is the single quality that has the power to re-define the outcome of a divorce? Perseverance, clarity on what is most important, and focus all come to mind. However, I would argue that empathy is the ultimate answer. That may look like an unlikely choice given the traditional idea of a divorce. After all, divorce conjures up images of courtroom battles and bitter arguments, not … [Read more...]