FAQ: Is there such as thing as “smooth sailing” when it comes to divorce?

A divorce process is never fun – but each couple’s experience lands in a different spot on the “pain scale”. Some divorces are relatively smooth and quick. Others seem to drag on, costing Husband and Wife a small fortune, and destroying what little goodwill and humanity is left in the relationship. If you are facing a divorce, you are probably wondering what you can do to minimize the damage, the … [Read more...]

FAQ: Does the Collaborative Divorce Process Ever Fail?

FAQ: Does the collaborative divorce process ever fail? Based on my experience, the answer is “Yes.” Human relationships and personalities are infinitely complex. That’s why there is more than one way to disentangle them at the end of a marriage. Even though the collaborative approach can result in a more civilized and flexible outcome, not every couple is a good candidate for collaborative … [Read more...]

My Path to Collaborative Law: An Attorney’s Story

My path to collaborative law began in an unlikely place: a law firm that specialized in insurance defense. As a young attorney, I found myself being good at insurance litigation yet hating it. Lucky for me, one of the partners in that firm also practiced family law. Occasionally he would bring me in on his cases - where I discovered that I thrived on helping to solve challenging divorce puzzles. … [Read more...]