When “kids” are in charge: divorce and adult children

Much has been written about the impact of divorce on young children – so much, in fact, that many parents choose to stay together for the sake of the kids. Times goes by, kids grow up, and by the time the parents are ready to call it quits the dynamic has shifted. In some of my cases, I see the adult children take charge – and that can get ugly. Consider these two recent examples (all names … [Read more...]

“My spouse is crazy!” and other mental health allegations

In my years of practice as a family attorney, clients have expressed all kinds of frustration over their spouses’ decisions, behaviors, and habits. That is to be expected: after all, if Husband and Wife generally agreed on key matters like lifestyle, money management, and child rearing, there would be no need to get a divorce in the first place! Occasionally, their complaints and concerns go … [Read more...]

Collaborative Law Without a Wedding

As anyone who has ever been through a break-up can attest, just because you never got that marriage certificate does not mean the separation will be simple or easy. What happens to the couch you bought together? How about that painting you brought back from vacation in Hawaii? And what in the world do you do with your beloved dog, Snuggles? The situation only gets more complicated if the couple … [Read more...]